• 01.17.14

Slide Show: The Tech Industry Loves White-People Hands

White guy touching a tablet. White guy wearing a smart watch. White guy holding a phone. White guy holding a phone. White guy holding a phone.

Tech marketers love photos of hands–especially white people’s hands. Scan your average tech site, and you’ll find a dizzying assortment of pale fingers stabbing away at phones and whalebone-colored wrists slipped effortlessly into the bands of smart watches. Above, we’ve compiled a slide show of marketing photos that various tech companies and independent entrepreneurs provided to the media. In it you’ll find more than 50 white hand models, promoting everything from apps to hardware, and just a few models of color. If you want to get an idea of who holds the power in Silicon Valley, just look at who’s holding the gadgets.

About the author

Suzanne LaBarre is the editor of Co.Design. Previously, she was the online content director of Popular Science and has written for the New York Times, the New York Observer, Newsday, I.D.