Nifty Device Can Turn Broom Handles Into Lamps

Early Disney fans will remember the scene in Fantasia where the brooms start to multiply and take over, nearly trampling the magician’s assistant with their anthropomorphic legs. The Fantasia lamps, from Italian design studio MID, aren’t nearly as menacing. But they do possess some Disney magic in the way they can turn nearly any baton-shaped item–broom handles, carrots, spoons–into a standing lamp.

“The idea was to steal things from our daily life to create and animate other different objects,” designer Lapo Germasi says. “To support itself, the family of Fantasia lamps steals the brooms from the storage closet, greens from our food reserves, screwdrivers from our home toolbox.”

The Fantasia family includes Mr. and Mrs. Fantasia, as well as Little Fantasia. Each is essentially the same, but Mrs. Fantasia’s light bulbs are glued to the base, and Mr. Fantasia’s are not. The white light bulb stands are 3-D printed out of a biodegradable polymer material. The sockets–compatible with basic E27 light bulbs–split off into three equally short tubes that slip onto the chosen found objects. They range from about $113 to $312, here.

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