• 01.14.14

Like A Digital Mount Rushmore, This Wall Can Morph Into The Shape Of Your Face

Visitors’ faces will pop out of the facade of an Olympic pavilion in Sochi like giant pin art.

Asif Khan, designer of the 2012 London Olympics’ whimsical Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion, will bring more of his playful interactivity to Sochi’s winter games this February. The installation will morph the facade of a pavilion from mobile telecommunications operator MegaFon into an interactive, 3-D display of visitor’s faces.


Step inside a nearby photo booth to have photographs taken of your face from different angles, and in a few minutes, the system will assemble the data into a 3-D image. This is then fed to a system installed on the temporary pavilion’s walls, where 10,000 rods with LED light tips underly the fabric. Like a Pin Art toy, these rods extend to create a shape under the fabric that resembles each individual’s face.

Watch early tests of the project:

Because everyone wants to be glorified, albeit briefly, as a 25-foot-tall face on the wall, the designers expect there might be a bit of backlog. Visitors will be told when their face should pop out of the wall, and they’ll be emailed a 20-second video of the experience.

The real question is, can I get one of these for my house?

[H/T: Dezeen]

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