4 Simple Charts Visualizing The Beatles’ Major Albums

On February 9, 1964, The Beatles rode a wave of screaming teenage girls across the Atlantic and washed up on the shores of The Ed Sullivan Show. Seventy-three million people tuned in that night to watch the band’s U.S. debut. Fifty years later, a new project on Kickstarter aims to tap into the passion of teenyboppers young and old with Visualising the Beatles, a book of infographics about each of the Fab Four’s major records. We have a sneak peek of four of those infographics above.

“I was actually quite shocked that the idea didn’t exist already,” says John Pring, who created the project with fellow designer Rob Thomas, in a phone interview. “We want to give the fans something they haven’t seen before.”

Graphics nuts should take a close look at the preview before they commit, as some of the charts are a bit too simple (in one case, the authors give a full page to a Venn diagram with “Please Please Me” in between two circles that read “UK Number One” and “US Number One”). But for the general Beatles fan, there’s a lot to like. Pages include a bar chart of lead vocals per Beatle represented by microphone cords, a word cloud showing the most-used lyrics in “Please Please Me,” and visualizations of each song’s waveform, magnified and circling its respective lyrics.

The project’s already hit its funding goal of £5,000 (about $8,200), intended for a limited edition release of the first chapter. Pring doesn’t know when the the book will arrive on shelves, but he says he’s in discussions with publishers to set a date.

Kickstart Visualising the Beatles: Chapter One (Please Please Me) here.GW