This Line Of “Mean Girls”-Inspired Jewelry Is So Fetch

Plastics, Life Ruiners, and Baby Prostitutes rejoice: L.A.-based jewelry brand Stella and Bow has created a new line of Mean Girls-inspired jewelry in honor of the cult film’s 10th anniversary. Called “Stella and Bow’s Burn Book Capsule Collection,” the silver and gold pieces are engraved with classic quotes from Tina Fey’s catty universe, like “You Can’t Sit With Us” and “That’s So Fetch.”

Stella and Bow was founded in 2011 by L.A. natives Lauren Brokaw and Lindsey Lerman. Along with millions of teenagers who felt personally victimized by their high schools’ version of Regina George, they became obsessed with Mean Girls when it debuted in 2004. “We found ourselves always quoting the movie with our friends and making jokes with our favorite quotes,” Brokaw tells Co.Design. “Translating things that we love into jewelry is what we do best, so we thought, why not do it with this collection?”

The handmade jewelry pieces stick with the film’s white, black, and pink color scheme. Highlights include a heart-shaped pendant lovingly printed with “Best Bitches” that splits in two, a perfect gift for a bestie to make your other friends jealous. The rose gold “Janis” bracelet reads “Wednesday”—the only day it’s okay to wear pink (duh).

Then there’s the “Fetch” necklace. “I used the word fetch on the daily,” Brokaw says. “If someone is trying to make something work, but it is just not happening, that’s trying to make fetch happen. While dating someone I just wasn’t that into, I told myself, I need to try to stop making fetch happen.”

The only thing missing from the collection are silver mouse ears for slutty Halloween and a Prom Queen tiara modeled after Cady’s to wear forever and ever.

The Burn Book Capsule Collection is available for pre-order on Stella and Bow’s website. It launches mid-February.