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Squarespace Makes Designing A Logo Dead Simple

With its characteristic slickness, Squarespace has teamed up with the Noun Project to give small businesses a tool to make their own logo. And it's good for designers too.

Squarespace Makes Designing A Logo Dead Simple

Since the company first launched in 2004*, Squarespace's mission has been very clearly defined: it shouldn't be hard for people to knock together a well-designed web presence, no matter what their level of expertise. Squarespace Logo takes that modus to the next level: it's a tool that makes creating your own logo as easy as dragging and dropping. And it's a good opportunity for designers too.

Squarespace Logo is a co-joint with the Noun Project, a repository of thousands of icons uploaded by designers around the world that can be used to simplify communication, and is used by everyone from sign makers to the White House. (Read our profile on the Noun Project here.) As it happens, the Noun Project's icons also make great symbols for small businesses that want a simple logo, but don't want to pay a lot to come up with one.

Squarespace Logo is easy to use. Upon loading up the Squarespace Logo web app, you can specify the name of your company, your tagline, your colors, and your fonts then search a library of thousands of Noun Project symbols to use for your company's logo. There's a symbol for pretty much every occasion: case in point, I found an icon depicting an asteroid crashing through the ceiling as two stick figures formed a beast with two backs, the perfect logo for, say, an insurance company dedicated to acts of God called "Asteroid Interruptus." But there are obviously less esoteric icons to choose from. Once you pick all the elements you want, a simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to position and resize them, while seeing what your finished logo would look like on your website, a business card or even a T-shirt is just a click away. It's a simple tool, and characteristically for Squarespace, very slick.

Squarespace Logo is also cheap to use: a high-resolution logo only costs $10 (low-res, watermarked logos are free). It is then saved to a unique URL, where the logo can be edited at any time.

At first blush, Squarespace Logo's ease of use and low pricing might look like it'll put a few logo designers out of business. Actually, though, it's a great moneymaking opportunity for designers who want to contribute symbols to the Noun Project: they'll make a royalty every time Squarespace Logo sells one of their symbols.

For small startups and businesses, Squarespace Logo is a simple, easy tool to add a little symbology to their branding mix. And for designers, it's an opportunity to earn a few extra bucks by contributing to the Noun Project.

You can try Squarespace Logo for yourself here.

An earlier version of this article mistakenly said Squarespace launched in 2007.