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Working On Your Smartphone At Night Is Bad For Productivity

People who use their phones for work after 9 p.m. are less productive the next day, according to a new study.

Working On Your Smartphone At Night Is Bad For Productivity

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The great thing about the smartphone age is that you never have to stop working. Your email is only a few taps away wherever you are, so you're always connected, always ready to fire off that all-important company missive, whether you're a few steps away from the office or sitting at home in bed. Wait, did I say great? Kidding, I meant ruining your health and happiness.

A new study from Michigan State University's business school finds that using your phone to get in a few more minutes of work at night has the totally counterproductive effect of making you less engaged when you get to the office the next day. In two different studies, one with 82 upper-level managers and one with 161 employees from fields like nursing and manufacturing, the researchers found work-related smartphone usage ruined people's energy levels the next day.

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"Because [smartphones] keep us mentally engaged late into the evening, they make it hard to detach from work so we can relax and fall asleep," one of the study's authors, Russell Johnson, explained in a press statement. Plus, the artificial blue light of your cell phone can interrupt your body's internal clock, keeping you up.

The study found smartphone usage to be more disruptive than other bright screens like television or laptops. However, this research only looked at smartphone usage for work. The next question is, is staying up all night playing QuizUp ruining my productivity?