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22 Animated GIFs That Are Up For Their Own Version Of The Oscars

A new award called the .GIFys aims to recognize the top animated loops. Here are our favorite nominees.

  • 01 /21

    A nebula in flux.

  • 02 /21

    Oprah unleashes a box of killer bees upon a captive audience.

  • 03 /21

    I'll take that! *Yoink*

  • 04 /21

    Frida Kahlo's magical, glittery unibrow.

  • 05 /21

    A GIF that combines all of LeBron James' shots during a single game.

  • 06 /21

    Digg founder Kevin Rose flings a raccoon down a set of stairs forever (in real life, the raccoon was attacking his dog)

  • 07 /21

    Ryan Gosling: there is no spoon.

  • 08 /21

    Faceplant on Google Streetview.

  • 09 /21

    Kanye West loves himself some croissants.

  • 10 /21
  • 11 /21

    Admit it, you get this excited sometimes.

  • 12 /21

    Nice recovery, champ. No one noticed.

  • 13 /21

    The Earth is breathing.

  • 14 /21

    Lenticular Bub.

  • 15 /21

    Even by cat standards, this jump is extraordinarily lazy.

  • 16 /21

    "Did you catch that?"

  • 17 /21

    Ken Cosgrove does some dancing after a vitamin shot.

  • 18 /21

    How Walter White transforms over the course of Breaking Bad.

  • 19 /21

    Catching the bus.

  • 20 /21

    Toronto's crack mayor Rob Ford does a little dance.

  • 21 /21

    This man loves Dr. Pepper. He loves it a lot.

If the ultimate signifier of a medium's acceptance into popular culture is a lavish awards ceremony, then the animated GIF has finally arrived. They're called the .GIFYs — it stands for GIF of the Year, and it should be pronounced 'jiffies' according to .GIF creator Steven Wilhite — and they are like the Oscars for silent, infinitely looping microfilms.

The brainchild of editors and designers from Gawker, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Tumblr and more, the .GIFYs mission is to "honor the animated GIF as a medium, social commentary, and art form." There are categories for animals, art and design, nature and science, mashups, sports, cats, WTF, and the .GIFYs' equivalent of Best Picture: GIF of the year.

Habitual denizens of Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr should recognize a lot of the nominees, featuring moonwalking ponies, a lenticular Lil Bub, sleeping girls being bombarded by hotdogs, Oprah terrorizing her audience with bees, Toronto's crack-loving mayor Rob Ford dancing, Snow White getting her head blown off, and many more.

Voting in the .GIFys is now open to the public. To help stack the deck, we've chosen a few of our favorites from each category. We're not saying you have to vote for our favorites. All we're saying is if our favorites don't win, we're going to Beyoncé it all like this.

You can vote in the .GIFys here.