• 01.29.14

Of Course Beyoncé Gets Her Own Alphabet

The ABCs of Bey.


So, yeah, she might as well have an alphabet designed her in honor.

Student illustrator and Beyoncé fan Vivian Loh created the Bey-inspired set of letters for a class project on reimagining the alphabet. “It was very important to me that these letters not be back-breaking contortionist poses, but realistic and life-like,” Loh tells Co.Design. “I started with watching all her music videos, down to her Destiny’s Child days. I took screenshots in whichever music video I thought was important or particularly beautiful,” she says.

Turns out, Beyoncé’s carefully documented career and gravity-defying dance moves gave Loh ample material to work with. There’s Beyoncé from the cover of GQ (L and S), there’s Beyoncé as Funny Girl (E), and, there’s half-time Beyoncé (M) for anyone nostalgic for last year’s epic Bey-stravaganza at the Super Bowl (Anthony Kiedis, how can you possibly compare?).

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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