Of Course Beyoncé Gets Her Own Alphabet

So, yeah, she might as well have an alphabet designed her in honor.

Student illustrator and Beyoncé fan Vivian Loh created the Bey-inspired set of letters for a class project on reimagining the alphabet. “It was very important to me that these letters not be back-breaking contortionist poses, but realistic and life-like,” Loh tells Co.Design. “I started with watching all her music videos, down to her Destiny’s Child days. I took screenshots in whichever music video I thought was important or particularly beautiful,” she says.

Turns out, Beyoncé’s carefully documented career and gravity-defying dance moves gave Loh ample material to work with. There’s Beyoncé from the cover of GQ (L and S), there’s Beyoncé as Funny Girl (E), and, there’s half-time Beyoncé (M) for anyone nostalgic for last year’s epic Bey-stravaganza at the Super Bowl (Anthony Kiedis, how can you possibly compare?).

[h/t Buzzfeed]MR