Coen Brothers Movies Reimagined As Gig Posters

The Coen Brothers’ latest movie Inside Llewyn Davis celebrates the Greenwich Music scene in the early 1960s through the eyes of a struggling folk singer. The film inspired Little White Lies, an independent movie magazine out of the United Kingdom, to try to interpret what Llewyn Davis’s gig poster would look like.

Then they figured: why stop there? Why not imagine every Coen Brothers movie as a poster for the upcoming performance of a hit band? The result is One Night Only: A Coen Brothers Gig Poster Extravaganza. Featuring specially commissioned classic silk-screens by artists Dan Mumford, Crispin Finn, Joe Wilson, Chris Delorenzo, Luke Drozd, The Little Friends of Printmaking and Telegramme, One Night Only re-imagines seven classic Coen Brothers films as inventive gig posters for imaginary bands.

Inside Llewyn Davis by Telegramme

The Big Lebowski, of course, has always come across as some sort of faded ’70s rocker, so Chris Delos’s “Dude” gig poster–which contains a number of clever visual motifs inspired by bowling–seems particularly appropriate. Crispin Finn’s Barton Fink poster, on the other hand, imagines Fink as a sort of Benny Goodman like bandleader performing at the Hotel Earle.

Few would call the Coen Brothers’ version of The Ladykillers a classic remake, but it does make for a strikingly well designed gig poster. While the Soggy Bottom Boys get sniffed out by an old hound dog in Luke Drozd’s poster for the “Constant Sorrow” tour from O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

Coen Brothers movies are often known just as much for their great soundtracks, but now they’ve got posters every bit as musical to match.

Little White Lies is selling limited editions of the posters online here.JB