Animated Film Made Entirely From Oil Paintings Explores Vincent Van Gogh’s Mysterious Death

There’s some controversy surrounding the death of Vincent van Gogh. The painter, who had a history of mental illness and died of an infection related to a gunshot wound at 37 years old, presumably shot himself in the chest. Only a few years ago, two Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers put forth a more controversial theory: that he was shot by a pair of teenagers.

Loving Vincent, a new film from an Oscar-winning animation and film production studio, explores the mystery of the artist’s death through oil paintings done in the style of his work. Every frame of the animation will be a slightly different still painting on canvas, put together so that the image appears to move. With a plot based on the artist’s letters, the entire feature-length film will consist of more than 56,000 oil paintings, completed by dozens of painters, bringing van Gogh’s distinctive style to life.

Research experts from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have rejected the alternate theory of van Gogh’s death, but it certainly seems like a plot straight out of a movie. And if the trailer for Loving Vincent is anything to go on, it’ll be a beautiful murder mystery if nothing else.

Image: Courtesy of Loving Vincent

The film is raising funds to hire and train painters to work on the film via Kickstarter until February 6.

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