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These Psychedelic Soap Bubbles Simulate Deadly Weather

Physicists have little understanding of the vortices inside major storms. So they’ve turned to an unlikely source to learn more.

A vortex is a vortex, whether that vortex is a storm on Jupiter, a hurricane in Florida, or the swirl on a soap bubble’s surface. Yet for as standardized as a vortex may appear, its underlying physics is still poorly understood.

That’s why University of Bordeaux physicist Hamid Kellay and his team capture these amazing images of soap bubbles at 500 frames per second (which is about 20x the speed of a Hollywood movie). Consulting mathematicians armed with sharp-eyed computers, they’re able to track the movements inside a vortex with incredible fidelity.

It's cheaper than taking a trip to Jupiter, and every bit as beautiful.

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[Hat tip: Gizmodo]