The Pattern Library: A Great New Resource For Designers (And Wannabes)

Repeating patterns are useful things. Whether you need a cool wallpaper for your desktop or smartphone, a texture to incorporate into your own design, or even just something you can print out on the inkjet when wrapping paper is getting low, everyone needs a good one every once and a while. From that perspective, the Pattern Library is a lovely little resource with some colorful, attractive, and whimsical tiles from some of the web’s best designers.

A project led by designer Claudio Guglieri and built by Tim Holman, the Pattern Library is a simple online site that allows you to keep scrolling through a responsive web library of great patterns. Whether by accident or serendipity, each pattern is designed to fit perfectly on the screen of an iPhone 5, but because they’re repeating patterns, they’ll tile and expand to any size, creating a seamless pattern perfect for a 27-inch iMac, a fabric pattern, or more.

Look, this site isn’t going to shake the pillars of the international design community or anything. It’s a trifle, we know. But that’s okay. In an age of ubiquitous displays, a great pattern is a more useful thing than ever. Find your next wallpaper–physical or digital–here.

If you’re a designer who would like to contribute to the Pattern Library, you can do so here.JB