Greenhouse Park Brings Fresh Air To Polluted Cities

In some cities, a trip to the park may not get you a healthy dose of fresh air. Famously smoggy Beijing, for example, regularly faces air pollution far beyond levels that the EPA considers safe for human health. Orproject, a London-based architecture practice, came up with a park design that would allow people in cities with dangerous air to go to the park, stretch their legs, and enjoy the outdoors without the threat of taking a deep breath.

The proposed park, called “Bubbles,” is a bit like a greenhouse and is meant to be attached to buildings. A botanical garden would be housed under a leaf-like, clear roof. An air filtration system would keep the atmosphere inside the park clean and safe, while temperature and humidity controls would allow plants to thrive.

The architects suggest that the roof system, which could utilize solar cells to generate electricity, could be used anywhere, to enclose a school playground, an apartment courtyard, or a medical facility where fresh, healthy air is most needed. There are no concrete plans to build the system yet, but since cleaning up badly polluted air in places like China presents such a challenge, it’d sure be nice to have alternatives in the meantime.

[H/T: designboom]SF