Is That A Pop-Up Pedestrian Plaza, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

All too often, February 14th means getting a generic greeting card with the basic “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Our love is only worth a $3 piece of CVS cardstock suffocated by pink glitter. Or worse, our love is worth a free e-card.

This year, if you’re going to express your affection in a kitschy, super-cheap way, you should do it with great specificity and a few dirty jokes. Such is the lesson of Planning Love, an adorable and hilarious e-card Tumblr that pairs vintage photos and illustrations with urban planning and architecture in-jokes, from “My heart is zoned exclusively to you” to “You are the starchitect of my life.” And then there’s perhaps my personal favorite: “You induce demand within my pants.” (Going on the record as saying in-my-pants jokes are the way to my heart.)

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The cards were created by Barnali Ghosh, a Bay Area transit advocate and landscape architect, and her husband Anirvan Chatterjee. Inspired by a series of cheeky V-Day cards for Muslims and the urban design book Walkable City, they set about “transforming everyday planning terms into racy love motifs,” as Chatterjee told Co.Design. His favorite? A tribute to UCLA urban design professor Donald Shoup, a parking guru who argues against free spaces. “My heart is a Shoupista…there’s always a spot for you.”

Browse them all here.

[Homepage image via Spur on Flickr]