Extremely Useful! Maps Show Best Coffee Shops By Subway Stops

There’s a Starbucks on practically every corner of New York City and London, but if you’re sick of recharging your batteries with corporately branded caffeine, two extremely helpful new maps reveal the best coffee shops near every Manhattan subway and London Tube stops.

The New York Coffee Map, designed by app company Butterfinger Labs, features local gems from Morningside Heights’ Hungarian Pastry Shop to the East Village’s Grey Dog and Chelsea’s Café Grumpy. While they included a Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks towards the top of the two to three lines (quick, someone go open a better coffee joint on 110th street!) the majority of these shops are independent. You can download the map as a smartphone app here.

The London Coffee Map, “Coffee Stops,” was designed by Chris Ward, who calls himself “the boss who works from coffee shops.” He recently published Out of Office: Work Where You Like and Achieve More, a best-selling guide to leading a successful working life outside an office building. Apparently, being properly caffeinated is one of his biggest tips. Now you can grab your joe at local London cafes with quaint names like Scooter and Electric Elephant. Ward plans to release 250 limited-edition posters of the map for charity.

Hopefully, these coffee-themed subway maps will start cropping up in more cities–graphic designers of Boston, Chicago, Paris: seize the day!CD