Infographic: The Worst Place To Live In The U.S. If You Hate Crappy Weather

Find out how many “pleasant” days a year your ZIP code gets on average, where you can go to escape the god-awful polar vortex, and where you should most definitely not visit 351 days of the year.

The East Coast sustained YET ANOTHER gross winter storm yesterday. Clutching umbrellas and swaddled in scarves, those of us stuck in this bitter weather started fantasizing about up and leaving for anywhere that’s not here (even–gasp–Florida). So where should we all go? A new visualization by Atlanta-based designer Kelly Norton reveals how many “pleasant” days a year each United States ZIP code gets on average, with “pleasant” meaning minimum temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit and maximum temperatures below 85, with no precipitation or snow on the ground.

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Norton developed the graphic by aggregating National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association data from the last 23 years. Sorry, McCallister, Montana: looks like you have it suckiest, with only 14 pleasant days a year. Los Angeles, congratulations–you already know you win, with 183 pleasant days a year. The interactive visualization lets people from the rest of the country type in their ZIP codes and find out how their neighborhood weather measures up. But is “pleasant” really what we’re after? Skiers, storm chasers, and proud Midwesterners might argue that variety is the spice of life. Frostbite that doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

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