A New Line Of Steampunk-Inspired Accessories From Tom Dixon

Last year, around this time, Tom Dixon released a retro-styled line of home accessories called Eclectic. True to the name, the curious collection was intended for “the eccentric collector’s cabinet, the modern architect’s table, and the British tearoom trolley.”

Last week the British designer rolled out seven new lines of trinkets that also seem to harken back to a forgotten era. Made from brass, the Cog collection of candle and tea-light holders all mimic the shapes and textures of factory-made parts.

The tabletop collection called Arc includes a trivet, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew, all built from gleaming gold-hued brass (a favorite material of Dixon’s), and looks like a fancied-up version of chemistry lab equipment. As the designer tells Dezeen, they’re “science fiction-inspired futuristic simplicity combined with practical shapes that are easy to use.”

As fantasy-driven as the new accessories may be, they all tie back into Dixon’s larger design thesis: By designing with hefty materials, and in stalwart shapes, everyday things can have major staying power.