Strapless Panties, Miraculously Skimpier Than G-Strings, Hit Fashion Week

A designer eliminates the fashion faux pas of visible panty lines with these strapless underwear.

Committing the mortal sin of visible panty lines on the runway of New York Fashion Week could have dire consequences. But then, in the age of wardrobe malfunctions, it’s also scary to imagine what could happen to a model going commando.


This Fashion Week, designer Jenny Beuttner comes to the rescue with her adhesive, strapless underwear. Beuttner has managed to create an under garment even skimpier than the barely-there thong or g-string, called the Shibue Strapless Panty. “We Didn’t Cross The Line…We Erased It!” the brand gleefully announces on its website.

After gracing the Salon de la Lingerie Runway in Paris, Shibue Strapless Panties have become the undergarment of choice for models at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, where Shibue Couture is supported by Hugo Boss, Katie Stern by Venexiana, and the Hervé Léger by Max Azria Fall 2014 Runway Show.

Beuttner invented the Shibue in the spur of the moment as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. Self-conscious of the panty lines under her dress, at the last minute, she snipped the straps off her g-string, stuck what remained to her body with double-sided tape, and walked down the aisle. The strapless panty was born.

Sticking on this modern-day fig leaf is the closest thing to going commando while still technically wearing underwear. These laser-cut panties look a bit like a giant Band-Aid, with a strip of silicon adhesive at the front and the back, where the waistband would be. They’re washable and reusable, with a cotton liner. They eliminate the panty line entirely, and if you’re prone to wearing flank-revealing sheer dresses, they eliminate worry about awkward wardrobe malfunctions. Their tagline “She Shoulda Shibued!” could refer to any of the countless scantily-clad celebrities who’ve suffered unfortunate clothing slips, from Brittany Spears to, most recently, Anne Hathaway. These pasties for the nether regions could have saved them. Alas.


“Fashion Week used to feel like a dream to us, but we knew we had the product that designers didn’t even know they were missing,” Beuttner told GlobeNewsWire. “Now their couture will look flawless and the models will feel comfortable without having to risk baring it all for fashion’s sake.”

Now, if a designer manages to out-skimp this amazingly skimpy undergarment, if it can even be called that, we will be truly impressed.

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