• 02.19.14

Relive Your Weird ’80s Childhood With A Madballs Minidress

Yes, Madballs–one of the biggest toy crazes of the ’80s. These bulgy-eyed bouncy balls inspired a new collection of sweaters and minidresses.

Remember Madballs? The bouncy balls with bulgy eyes promised “Freaky Fun for Everyone.” Now thanks to designer Jeremy Scott, who will be taking over as Moschino’s new creative director, you can relive your weird ’80s childhood with a glorious Madballs-inspired line of sweaters and minidresses. You can be Screamin’ Meemie, with her lolling Miley-esque tongue; or the drooling Slobulus; or the gruesome yellow Skull Face.

Jeremy Scott X Madballs, Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

Scott collaborated with Madballs on the fashion project. “It was such a childhood icon of mine, I was so happy when they came to me and said they were interested in working together,” Scott told the Daily Mail. “I wanted to take all of these boyish, aggro-male kind of things and do something that could be kind of feminine.”

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