• 02.12.14

Soviet Propaganda Becomes Fabulous Gay Pride Posters

An anonymous group called “Pride Propaganda” has repurposed Soviet-era propaganda posters to support gay rights.

With the Sochi Olympics underway, the world has turned its attention to Russia. Among the insanity of these games–like being $40 billion over budget–come the atrocities over the lack of gay rights in that country. Homosexuality had been illegal in the Soviet Union, and even though it was decriminalized in Russia in 1993, a 2013 law makes it illegal to promote non-traditional sexual relationships among minors. Merely waving a rainbow flag might get you arrested. In recent comments, President Putin tried to link homosexuality with pedophilia. But with the Olympics, activists around the world are coming out in support of gay rights in Russia–even corporate advertisers like Chevrolet are showing the love.


One fabulous grassroots campaign, from a group called Pride Propaganda, revises old Soviet Propaganda posters to proudly feature rainbow flags galore. Retro visions of a communist utopia are converted into visions of a world free of homophobia. Here, little boys in rainbow scarves fly paper airplanes; a rainbow-clad space-explorer wields a hammer and sickle.

“Fight for your right to love!” one poster reads. The posters, published anonymously to avoid backlash from hate groups, also promote the hashtag #pridepropaganda as a show of support. See more of the posters here.

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