This Mason Jar Coffeemaker Is The Most Hipsterrific Thing You’ll See Today

It seems to be an immutable law of hydrodynamics that if something tastes good, it usually tastes better coming out of a mason jar. New York’s Intelligent Design Company is hoping that holds true, even for coffee. Its latest design is the Pour Mason, a pour-over coffeemaker aimed specifically at the home canning contingent.

Made of 18-gauge aluminum alloy and finished in electroless nickel right in Williamsburg, the Pour Mason is a metal lid that is screwed on top of the mouth of a standard soda-lime glass jar. Once fitted, you can essentially brew coffee straight into it.

Admittedly, there is literally nothing stopping you from breaking out a Kerr jar from your cupboard and brewing some coffee in it right now using your existing pour-over. That’s a good point, which I think is why it’s important to keep in mind that the Pour Mason isn’t an almost comically fetishistic mason jar accessory, but rather a regular pour-over coffeemaker that’s being marketed to people who just really like the mason jar aesthetic.

Which is kind of genius, when you think about it. To make the Pour Mason, Intelligent Design has arranged for every star in the hipster firmament–Williamsburg! Pour-Over Coffee! Mason Jars! Best-Made!–to celestially align, creating a product that could only be more its type if it squeezed into a pair of skinny jeans and began threading a tiny comb through a waxed mustachio.

If that sounds like your kind of coffeemaker, the Pour Mason can be ordered from Intelligent Design’s website for $35.