Have A Very Twee Valentine’s Day! 12 Gifts From The “40 Days Of Dating” Couple

Nothing says “I love you” like “geeks” and “sluts” chocolate.

Two New York graphic designers have partnered to create a line of smart-alecky (and kinda twee) love-themed gifts. Odds are you know them: Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh, of 40 Days of Dating fame.


For the uninitiated: Goodman and Walsh, both single graphic designers living in New York, decided to date for 40 days as a self-described “experiment,” then document their experience online. Forty Days of Dating attracted a cult following (and a motion picture deal with Warner Brothers and a book deal).

At the moment, the pair has teamed up with Story, the brick-and-mortar boutique founder Rachel Shechtman describes as having the “point of view of a magazine, changing like a gallery and selling things like a store.” For Story, Goodman and Walsh developed designs for a smattering of temporary tattoos (made by Tattly), chocolate bars, and T-shirts, all based on the 40 Days of Dating project. (They’re also selling posters from the 40 Days of Dating print shop.)

The gifts have all the passion and romance you’d expect from two people who described their dating as if it took place in a research lab. Instead of making simpering teddy bears and heart-shaped boxes of sweets, they illustrated candy bar wrappers with phrases like “sluts” and “geeks,” and printed “Team Jessie” and “Team Tim” shirts.

In some ways, the designers are using Story as an illustrated continuation of the themes from 40 Days of Dating:

“The artwork…comes from our writing on a particular day, which detailed a personal experience about dating, relationships, or just life in general,” Goodman tells Co.Design. “A great designer can always make the public see the world through their own lens, so there’s always a degree curiosity there: Are we getting our story across efficiently? Are we being misunderstood? What will my mom think?”

The goodies are also, of course, part of a larger marketing push to keep fans interested in 40 Days of Dating while plans for a book and a movie are still in the works. Last Saturday Goodman and Walsh made on-the-fly Valentine’s Day cards for shoppers; in March (exact date yet to be confirmed) they’ll also host a Q&A at Story.


Story’s “Love”-themed shop will be open until March 23, at 144 10th Avenue in New York City.

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Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.