Alarm Clock’s Simple Flip Gesture Helps Gently Wake You Up

Unless your circadian clock is naturally set early, there’s no good way to wake up. Designers have been doggedly trying to find a better way to get us up in the morning and we’ve seen some stellar attempts at alarm clocks, like the Aura, a smart alarm that uses colored lighting to ease you in and out of sleep. There have also been clever apps, like one with a gorgeous gestural interface (maybe its sheer beauty will inspire you to seize the day?) and another that needs a good shaking before it turns off.

This new alarm clock, by DesignWright for Lexon, mimics the UI of that second app. The designers realized that the seven type segments that create digital numbers are symmetrical–and could easily be flipped upside down. “We thought it could be interesting to use this for an alarm clock, where instead of trying to find a small button in the dark to turn the alarm on or off, you just turn it over and the time flips as well,” says Adrian Wright. To snooze, users just tap the touch-sensitive surface.

Unlike the app that needs waving and shaking, the Flip isn’t meant to trick you into waking yourself up. Instead, it’s simply intent on making sure people don’t confuse the off button with the snooze button.

Flip comes in 10 colors, for $55 a pop, here.MR