Brooklyn Neighborhoods Reduced To Code, Then Mapped Onto Stylish Scarves

How best to tell the world that you live in the hippest borough known to man? Perhaps a tattoo of the Brooklyn Bridge? Oversized ’80s-style spectacles?

If those accessories just seem so obvious, fear not. These scarves from retailer The Brooklyn Block take a way subtler tack. The designers–an interaction designer and an architect–shoot short video scenes in Brooklyn neighborhoods–like the waterline in Dumbo, or colorful shipping crates decorating the outdoor Dekalb market–and then process the frames through a code that extracts colors and creates a generative pattern. Each one has a color scheme that reflects the specific neighborhood or block.

The designers didn’t leave the color combinations and prints to total chance: “The pattern depends on how the video was recorded and other factors like the season and time of the day,” says Sanksshep Mahendra, cofounder of The Brooklyn Block. “For example, our Fort Greene video was shot in spring so we could capture the colors of spring.”

Each set of colors is printed on cotton voile (Mahendra says they want to print on silk in the future) and retails for $50.MR