14 Supurrrb Illustrations Of Cats As Celebrities And Superheroes

What if cats actually did something besides barf up gooey hairballs on the linoleum for you to trod upon barefoot in the middle of the night, or sharpen their claws on your vintage Breuer chair? What if they actually gave something back?

This seems to be the central question asked by Chinese illustrator A Ke. In her series of drawings of imaginary cats, Ke seems to imagine a world in which cats aren’t just the solipsistic jerks of the animal kingdom, but are superheroes and celebrities instead.

I’m not much of a cat lover, so perhaps the most striking thing to me about a feline is its attitude. Although they condescend to share the world with us smelly apes, they do so with an air of utter and complete disdain that is, when you think about it, grossly disproportionate with the actual accomplishments they’ve attained in life.

I think that’s why I really love these illustrations, based upon Superman, Batman, Bruce Lee, Darth Vader, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, and more. A Ke illustrates cats that aren’t just super cute, but that have actually earned the right to disdain me. Think you’re better than me, Fluffy? I can pee on a couch, too. But compared to Bruce Leecat or Elvis Prescat, even I can admit that the rest of us just suck.

You can see more of A Ke’s work here.JB