• 02.24.14

The Cosmos Bed Lets You Sleep Under A Starry Sky

This futuristic egg-shaped bed mimics the experience of sleeping outdoors, minus the mosquitoes.

When you were a kid, did you ever stick those plastic glow-in-the-dark stars to your ceiling above your bed and pretend you were looking up at the constellations? Do you secretly wish you could still do that but fear it might look, well, childish? The Cosmos Bed solves this problem and it’s even cooler: it mimics not just the twinkling night sky, but the sounds and even the smells of a beautiful evening outdoors.


Saint Petersburg-based designer Natalia Rumyantseva created the bed, still in prototype stages, from white fiberglass. Shaped like an irregular egg, LED lights speckle the curved roof over a mattress with an adjustable slope. A built-in audio system plays either music or white noise, and can also be programmed to work as an alarm clock. An “aroma dispenser,” as Rumyantseva describes it on her website, releases therapeutic scents. These days, many of us rely on eye masks, white noise machines, and sleep aids to get some rest. Could all this be obsolete in the not-so-distant future, when our high-tech beds function as at-home sleep spas, letting us commune with the cosmos without leaving our cramped apartments?

About the author

Carey Dunne is a Brooklyn-based writer covering art and design. Follow her on Twitter.