New App Shows Cellphone Carriers That Don’t Suck

As with so much of life, when picking a cellphone carrier, there’s conventional wisdom, and then there’s data. The conventional wisdom says Verizon, the nation’s biggest carrier, has the best overall coverage. AT&T, the second biggest, has faster peak speeds but unreliable coverage. Sprint and T-Mobile are considered patchy. But most people don’t need nationwide coverage; they need stellar coverage where they live, first and foremost.

A new app called Glove aims to figure out which carrier suits you best. You open it and let it sit open on your phone for three days, during which time it analyzes your movement and carrier needs, and compares those with crowdsourced network data from all of the major networks, including the big four. After three days, it’ll tell you which is best for you, and even offer to show you plans from that network (a pretty great advertising opportunity for the networks, if the app catches on).

It’s not the first app of its kind, but it’s certainly the first I’ve seen that a normal human might actually use; it’s very minimalist and pretty and clear, with no extraneous confusing charts or graphs or maps or anything. It just says, hey bud, here’s the best carrier for you. And it’s free!

Glove is available now for Android only, and it only works (so far) in New York City, San Francisco, and Israel (the app is made by CrowdX, an Israeli company formerly known as Tawkon).