AT-AT Walkers And Futurama’s Bender Sneak Into Thrift Store Paintings

“This story, as with so many others, starts with a lady,” says Dave Pollot. In Pollot’s case, the lady is his girlfriend, and the story is how he came to start painting the likes of Bender from Futurama onto chintzy paintings found at thrift stores. “On one particular visit [to a thrift store], we both poked fun at some of the more (or less I suppose) ‘interesting’ artwork that lined the floors, and we joked that it might be fun to paint funny things into them,” Pollot tells Co.Design. “The rest is history.”

Pollot, who writes software by day, has now repurposed dozens of dusty pastoral scenes and lakeside cottages by superimposing a Tie Fighter onto a quaint village, or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters onto a hilly landscape. His work is part of a growing cadre of guerrilla artists who are turning the mundane into geek-worthy collectables by adding a layer of tongue-in-cheek pop reference.

“Fall of the Empire”

But unlike the Star Wars invasion of Thomas Kinkade’s treacly work, Pollot’s paintings aren’t menacing. And whereas Banksy’s addition of a Nazi officer to an otherwise unremarkable lake scene was inherently political, Pollot’s work is a lighthearted endeavor. Need proof? Consider Pollot’s highly scientific creative process: “It’s usually when I’m picking out a beer, that an idea just strikes me,” he says. “It’s very much spur of the moment.”

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