Which States Have The Fastest Sex?

Such romance in New Mexico!

Which States Have The Fastest Sex?
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Which states have the longest and shortest average sex times? Spreadsheets, a sort of sex-focused Fitbit, tried to find out. Here’s a description of Spreadsheets from our sister site, Fast Company:


The app keeps track of stats like total thrusts, duration, and decibel peak, which the couple can later review while striving for badges like “quick spread” (duration less than three minutes), “F Cancer” (21 times in one month), and The Lion’s Roar (in excess of 70 decibels).

Spreadsheets uses your phone’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and microphone to measure your movements and guess at your behavior, the same way a Fitbit measures your movement to guess at your level of fitness. That data is fun for couples, theoretically, I guess, but it’s much more interesting when applied to a larger sample.

The hipster sex site Nerve, using helpful data from Spreadsheets, compiled this map of the United States, with each state colored to represent the average length of intercourse. It seems short, but this isn’t measuring total time of sexual encounter; it’s only the, er, act.

The map’s all over the place; the bottom four states, the ones with the shortest times, are all cold-weather states, but then the fifth-from-the-bottom is peachy-warm Georgia. It’s hard to pick out a pattern by geography or demographics or population density, but if any of you can figure one out, let us know!

[Via Nerve]

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