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Drones Live-Stream Fendi's Latest Runway Show

The latest tech-meets-high-fashion gimmick: actual drones flying above the catwalk.

Drones Live-Stream Fendi's Latest Runway Show

At this year’s Fendi show during Milan's fashion week, a few stylish, logo-emblazoned drone cameras flew over models’ heads as they walked the runway. It was "the first fashion show ever seen through the eyes of the drones," according to a release.

On Fendi’s website on Thursday, anyone with an Internet connection could tune in to the show, either by watching a standard livestream or the view from the "Drone Cam." More than the fur-trimmed handles of the Italian fashion house’s new totes, or the giant fake orchids adorning jackets, the drones, made by tech company Parrot, were the most hyped accessories at the show.

"Drones feel edgy and futuristic—they appeal to that vision of a cyborg future," Zoe Lazarus, a trend forecaster at Lowe & Partners, told the Guardian. "Creatively they are brilliant, because they can be maneuvered into places where people can't. They are also small, easy to handle, and inexpensive. We're only going to see more of this in the future." The Federal Aviation Administration agrees, predicting that by 2017, 10,000 commercial drones could be buzzing around America's spacious skies. Fendi's stunt comes after Amazon’s announcement that the online retailer be distributing packages via drones called "octocopters" by 2018.

Burberry was the first to live-stream its catwalk show in 2011, but since then, such live streams have become standard. It’s no longer novel to get to watch a fashion show in real time from your couch—but from the perspective of an unmanned aerial vehicle, designed for use in warfare and espionage? This takes military-inspired fashion to a whole new level.