Most Hipsterrific Hunting Trophies Ever Have Handle Bars For Antlers

An Austrian designer has created the eco-friendly alternative to mounting dead deer in your living room.

Just as pleather provides fashionistas a guiltless alternative to the real thing, these repurposed bicycle seats are supposed to be an eco-friendly take on that omnipresent status symbol of the bougie cool-kid home: the taxidermy trophy. Vienna-based designer Andreas Scheiger upcycles old seats and handlebars into “vegan” hunting trophies that also double as hooks and bike racks. Pretty sure this guy just out-hipstered the entire borough of Brooklyn.


“I somehow spotted the picture of Pablo Picasso’s Cabeza de Toro on Google in the middle of 2013,” he tells Co.Design, referring to a sculpture of a bike seat and handlebars arranged in the shape of a bull’s head. It got Sheiger thinking: “I still had some leftover bicycle parts so I thought, ‘I could try this at home.’”

After breathing new life into the old parts he had lying around, Scheiger took to flea markets, vintage stores, and eBay to start find more discarded handles and seats. He’ll often donate working parts back to bicycle shops, who in return give him discarded parts to keep making bike racks. “Its all about give and take networking,” he says. The pieces sell for about $270, here.

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Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.