2013 Innovation By Design Awards: Concepts

2013 Innovation By Design Awards: Concepts

In 2013, we put out a call to the design and business communities: What are the best design-driven innovations of the past year? We received more than 1,200 submissions from big corporations, small shops, and students from around the world.

Here are the 2013 finalists in the Concepts category, which we renamed Experimental this year to include both concepts and prototypes. The finalists should give you a good sense of what the judges will be looking for this year.


4-D Printing
Self-assembling materials, from MIT

Food Thinking
Research and deep insights into the “foodie” era

No Place Like Home
Oxford shoes outfitted with GPS

Modular buildings that change to suit the needs of inhabitants

Pettaway Pocket Neighborhood
Housing clusters with outdoor common space, for sustainable land use

Edible food packaging


Decelerator Helmet
A tool to see the world in slow motion

Enter the 2014 Innovation By Design Awards.