2013 Innovation By Design Awards: Students

2013 Innovation By Design Awards: Students

In 2013, we put out a call to the design and business communities: What are the best design-driven innovations of the past year? We received more than 1,200 submissions from big corporations, small shops, and students from around the world.

Here are the 2013 finalists in the Students category. They should give you a good sense of what the judges will be looking for this year.


Music Boxes: iPad-activated wooden music boxes

An interactive app for crowdsourced political journalism

Headgear that augments the sense of sight, smell, or sound

Hello Compost
Incentive-based composting systems

Self-care learning tools for young adults with autism

Music Boxes
iPad-activated wooden music boxes

The Polyfloss Factory
At-home recycling and manufacturing of new plastic products

Preserving Human Dignity
A clever condom wrapper, for one-handed use

SurfaceMount Microdialysis (SMD) Medical Toolkit
A cleaner kit for measuring metabolic levels after surgery


A mobile 3-D printing workshop

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