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Tell Us: Who Is The World's Greatest Living Designer?

To celebrate March Madness, we're holding a bracket for the world's greatest living designer. Help us pick the contenders!

[Image via Shutterstock, Illustration: Kelly Rakowski / Fast Company]

We're kicking off Co.Design Bracket Madness next week, with a contest to name the world's greatest living designer. Starting March 18, we'll pit 32 designers against each other to see who reigns supreme. We have our own ideas about who should represent the four divisions of graphic design, interactive design, product design, and architecture, but we want to hear from you. Who deserves a shot at the championship? Let us know in the form below or tweet at us using the hashtag #DesignMadness.

Submissions are now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! Check in next week to participate in the bracket.