Peek Inside The Homes Of 8 Starchitects

Architects, or at least successful ones, are masters of manipulating how we use the space around us–with potentially big human ramifications. A thoughtfully designed office space, for example, impacts not only the way people work but, by extension, how they feel about their jobs.

So how do these designers do when it comes to designing their own abodes? Not bad, judging by an upcoming installation that gives a voyeuristic look into several famous architects’ homes. Where Architects Live is a life-sized exhibit of re-created living rooms and entryways belonging to some of the world’s most acclaimed architects, including David Chipperfield, Zaha Hadid, and Daniel Libeskind. It will be on display at Salone del Mobile in Milan this April.

Zaha Hadid’s London studio

While color palettes and the size of the homes vary, there are a few striking commonalities: Rooms are as spare and filled with light as you’d expect from a bunch of modern architects (to wit: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas’s floor-to-ceiling shelving is practically bare), and Eames, Prouvé, and Le Corbusier chairs can be spotted throughout.

At the same time, distinct design sensibilities bubble to the top. In Zaha Hadid’s London studio, her dining room table is covered in curvaceous, futuristic knickknacks; David Chipperfield’s spartan home office echoes the sharp lines and right angles of the buildings he designs–evidence that these designers practice what they preach.MR