Top Designers Urge Doing “The Green Thing” With Witty Posters

Just because saving the environment is serious business doesn’t mean your sustainability campaign has to be dour. For Earth Hour, a global event organized by the World Wildlife Fund that encourages people to turn their lights off, designers–including a handful of Pentagram partners–created a series of whimsical, tongue-in-cheek posters nudging people to live more sustainable lives. Do the Green Thing, an environmental charity with ties to Pentagram, is releasing one poster a day until Earth Hour on March 29.

The poster series tasked creatives to “design posters that change the way people think and act,” according to the project brief, whether that means turning electronics off, walking more, buying seasonal produce, or conserving water. Pentagram designers such as Paula Scher, Abbott Miller, and Natasha Jen took part, as did creatives like Google’s Tom Uglow, fashion designer Paul Smith, and illustrator Quentin Blake.

The result is a collection of clever, cute posters that urge people to share bath water, buy less stuff, save energy, reduce light pollution, and hop on a bike. A strawberry wears a puffy coat against out-of-season eating. A mother and her children dash down a back lane to school, rather than taking a car. A tiled cascade of Mac application windows proclaims “All these open windows, but no fresh air.” Vegetables arranged like a certain part of the male anatomy ask people to eat less meat.

Creativity, according to Do the Green Thing’s website, “is a brilliantly effective tool to seduce, provoke, and persuade people to change their behavior for the better.” So, I’d add, are visual dick jokes.

See the rest of the posters here.

[H/T: Creative Review]