Grow Fruit In Cement Planters Molded From Fruit

You could imagine these White Rind Trio pots, by Brooklyn-based design duo Chen Chen and Kai Williams, in a Magritte painting. The idea behind the Surrealist planters is to grow a plant in another plant and the concrete shapes were molded from the actual rinds of things like pineapples, avocados, and cantaloupes.

It all started with an orange: “When you didn’t see the tell tale navel of the orange, it was just an appealing abstract texture,” Chen says. “I think humans have it hardwired evolutionarily to find these shapes and textures appealing.”

Chen says he and Williams like to leave at least some of the design up to chance, so to keep a level of spontaneity for the rind-shaped planters, each is cast using a different piece of fruit. Meaning every model is different, just like when you shop for real fruit. The downside? Even more grocery shopping for the designers to find fruit: “It could take a half hour to dig through a pile of avocados at the grocery store to find the one perfect one.”

Snag the White Rind Trio for $80, at Of A Kind.MR