• 03.13.14

12 Of The Best New Typefaces

Pufff, MVB Solitaire, and Erotica may not be as well-known as Helvetica, but someday they might be.

Typographica, a respected font-focused magazine, just released its eighth annual list of its favorite fonts from the last year. There are a whopping 53 of them from 20 different countries with many from the usual suspects–U.S., U.K., Germany, and Sweden. Perhaps most notable, though, are the fonts coming out of places such as Iceland, Lebanon, Canada, and other spots not usually known for type design. The editors of Typographica call it a “sea change” brought on by a new phase of globalization and democratization of the font market:


For centuries, places like Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Lebanon, and New Zealand were vastly under­repre­sent­ed in a type design community that was dominated by western Europe and North America. (And this only goes for Latin-based type. The burg­eon­ing production of fonts in other scripts tells another fascinating story.)

The list isn’t exactly a competition. The editors simply asked experts in the international design community to suggest favorites. But it definitely presents an excellent overall view of what’s going on in the font world right now–less minimalism in favor of more retro fonts and playful fonts. We’ve presented 12 of our favorites, but you can check out the other 41 selected by Typographica over on their site.

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