Maps Of Countries Made From Their Regional Foods

This cartographic series is a carefully crafted 3-D visualization of edible offerings from around the world.

What do you really look for when deciding on a travel destination? Historical cathedrals? Pristine beaches? Odds are food ranks high on that list. And if any help is needed, these maps illustrate exactly what kinds of regional delicacies you can expect to find around the world.


Photographer (and former model) Henry Hargreaves created the cartographic series with food stylist Caitlin Levin. Hargreaves’s work often conceptualizes our relationship with food, like in this series where he explores weight loss by lighting fast food meals on fire. In another project, he mocks Damien Hirst’s pretentious and controversial dot paintings. For this series, he populated countries with the specialties you might find in, say, France (Comté and Camembert cheeses) or China (rice noodles and dumpling pastries). By and large, the maps adhere to familiar stereotypes about who eats what and where (to wit: New Zealand is all kiwis). The real beauty is how carefully Hargreaves and Levin have sliced and diced the chosen foods to create quilt-like patterns for each map.

Hargreaves said each map, which mirrors the political boundaries between states, took a day to design and construct. At the end of which, we can only assume he and Levin made like imperialistic adversaries and gobbled up some nations.

About the author

Margaret Rhodes is a former associate editor for Fast Company magazine.