Tiny, 3-D Printed “Strandbeests” Are Like Pets You Never Have To Feed

For more than 20 years, Dutch artist Theo Jansen has committed himself to creating a new form of life: massive creatures he calls Strandbeests–which translates to “beach beasts”–made from PVC pipes, sail cloth, and wood. They move on their own, fueled by nothing but wind, scuttling on intricate, spindly legs down the coast of Holland.

Now, these Strandbeests have birthed little 3-D-printed babies, available over at Shapeways. “Now we have mutants,” a fatherly, affectionate Jansen says in a video about this new generation of mini-strandbeests. “The small ones, they specialize in cuteness. They try to be small and nice and cute.”

They’re self-sufficient too, these beasts–they pop out fully formed from the 3-D printer, no assembly required. Their movement is powered either by tiny snap-on fans, which come separately, or by blowing on them or placing them in front of a larger fan. They’re perfect low-maintenance pets.

The baby 3-D-printed Strandbeests are available at Shapeways. You can watch all of Jansen’s Strandbeest movies here.