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$1,000 Bike Helmet Looks Like Cornrows On Steroids

Or a mutant alien brain, or something.

$1,000 Bike Helmet Looks Like Cornrows On Steroids

Cornrows? Brains? Multiplying challah bread? Whatever the inspiration, this new helmet by Berlin-based design duo Bless is definitely more intriguing than the usual ugly plastic headgear. The so-called Bless Helmdo will protect your head with what the brand's website calls "fluffy lightweight nylon head braiding." As virtually all helmets are kind of embarrassing-looking, you might as well embrace that fact and wear one that makes you look vaguely like that chick from Alien Vs. Predator—that is, if you're willing to fork over $1,069, the pricetag on this weird little accessory.

The Bless Helmdo is available at Creatures of Comfort here.