Beautiful Panoramas Turn Your World Into Wormholes

New York City-based photographer and filmmaker Randy Scott Slavin had a brush with viral fame in 2012 when he released “Alternate Perspectives,” a photo series that turned panoramas of landscapes and cityscapes into psychedelic bubble views of the world. Now Slavin is back with a new installment of the series. His surreal images, which largely play on the contrast between land and water, take everyday sights–a lake, a beach, a boardwalk, a tunnel–and make them seem like peepholes into a screwy, new reality.

Slavin explored all kinds of terrain, shooting desert views in Phoenix, lush forests in upstate New York, scenic beaches in Puerto Rico and Miami, and the concrete jungles of Manhattan and Los Angeles, mostly while he was traveling for work or on vacation. For each image, he takes around 100 photos. With practice, he can get a shoot done in less than 10 minutes, though it might take hours or days to edit. “The real thing is finding the right light,” he tells us. The process is largely trial-and-error to figure out out what time of day and what season is optimum. Sometimes it just means climbing up the same hill a bunch of times. He jokes that his wife always has to watch the sunset alone, because he’s off capturing what photographers call the “magic hour.”

Prints from the series are available here.

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