Artist Renames Metro Stops For Famous Ladies

Make no mistake, Co.Design loves a new take on an old subway map. Whether it’s stops renamed for the area’s best coffee shops or systems rejiggered to better reflect a city’s soul, there’s plenty of room for improvement when it comes to mapping the heartbeat of an urban transportation system. Like, do we really have to let the patriarchy run rampant over our subway stop naming system?

French artist Silvia Radelli kicked dudes like Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, and Franklin Roosevelt off the Parisian Metro map in favor of famous ladies who, despite their contributions to the world, only rarely get memorialized. In Radelli’s vision of Paris, a wide-ranging cross-section of women, including Margaret Mead, Frida Khalo, Susan Sontag, and Nefertiti, among many others, get their due.

I long for the day when I can say, “Get on at Mary Wollstonecraft and transfer at Coco Chanel. Head toward Lady Ada Lovelace. If you hit Louise-Félicité de Kéralio, you’ve gone too far.”

The piece, Métroféminin, is on display at Paris’s Galerie L’Aléatoire.

[H/T: Slate]