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Inside The Design Of The Greatest Tutu Of Them All

This beautiful video portrait will make you appreciate the intricacies of the Firebird tutu, and designing clothing that must dance with the dancer.

Inside The Design Of The Greatest Tutu Of Them All

Some champion the charcoal-hearted Black Swan for donning the greatest tutu in ballet. I prefer the crimson embers worn by the Firebird.

In this brief video portrait, we get a peek into how David Heuvel, the costume production director of Salt Lake City's Ballet West, designed and built the costume for the studio’s latest production of Stravinsky’s classic. From how he dyes in layers to make the red pop, to the way he threads the tutu’s plumage so it stays put, each meticulous detail crescendoes into an eye-catching effect. But ultimately? His costume must remain ever so less dazzling than the dancer wearing it.

Directed by Brent Roland.

[Hat tip: yatzer]