Minimalist Clip-On Cup Holder Encourages Drinking (Coffee) And Driving (A Bike)

Maybe you’re on an errand. Maybe you’ve just realized you have to be somewhere. Regardless, you’re on a bike and you have a take-out coffee. How do you deal? Do you bike with one hand and hold the coffee with another? No! This is unsafe! That’s where this very simple, very pretty Bookman cup holder comes in.

Bookman, a Swedish accessory company perhaps best known for these nifty little lights, just announced its new product, a cup holder for a bike. It’s shaped sort of like a chip clip, with two rings to hold the cup and a spring-loaded clamp to snap onto your handlebars. You don’t screw anything on, but rather squeeze the two rings together to open up the clamp. Bookman says the spring action is strong enough to keep a drink upright even while riding over rough streets.

There are other cup holders like this, but the Bookman version has a few advantages. For one, it’s easy to clip on and off your bike; that’s why Bookman’s lights were so effective. Thieves target anything that can be pried off two wheels, so bike owners constantly have to remove all of that stuff–lights, water bottles, reflectors, that kind of thing–when they lock up. So you want something that’s easy to take off, because you’ll be doing it all the time.

The other nice thing, aside from the generally clean and pleasing design, is that you can flip the cup holder over to fit different sized cups. Keep the larger ring on top for larger drinks, or the smaller ring on top for smaller drinks. You can pre-order the cup holder in black, green, red, or white from Bookman’s site for €29, about $40.DN