Photographer Elevates Throwing Sand To Art

If you go to the beach with photographer Claire Droppert, you can expect to get a bit of sand in your eyes. In Droppert’s latest project, “Gravity,” she’s explores moments of zero gravity–starting with flying sand.

For the first set of photos in the project, “Sand Creatures,” the Rotterdam-based photog went to various Dutch beaches to unleash the imaginary beasts within piles of typically inert sand. While controlling her camera remotely, she flings shovelfuls of sand into the air and uses a high-shutter speed to capture every grain at its zenith. The resulting photos freeze the sand in mid-flight, catching it bursting through the air like a comet. The suspended debris, if you look hard enough, takes the shape of something more lively: a skunk, a bull, a fish.

Finally, the humble skunk gets some artistic attention.

[H/T: Visual News]