The Ricin Cigarette, The Meth Cooker RV, And More Patent Applications From “Breaking Bad”

From the mixed-up patent files of Mr. Heisenberg

The filing cabinets of the United States Patent Office do not immediately come to mind as a finding ground for interesting art, but the collective genius–both crackpot and legitimate–of America’s inventing class has, in fact, resulted in some killer line drawings.


For years now, the Oliver Gal Artist Company has been selling a great series of prints of just such patent file discoveries: reproductions of the original USPTO line-drawings of the accordion, airplane, baseball base, and more. To pay tribute to Breaking Bad, though, the Oliver Gal team had an interesting idea: what if they expanded the series to some of the show’s most identifiable props?

The result is The Breaking Bad (*ahem* “Inspired”) Blueprint Series. A series of prints featuring line drawings of Heisenberg’s glasses and hat, the meth-cooking RV, Walter White’s tighty-whities, and other props.

“To create this specific series, we first identified the main iconic items we felt could represent the show in the best way,” Lital Asher of Oliver Gal tells Co.Design. “We then did extensive research and dug out the patents of these real inventions.”

But how did Oliver Gal identify the right Breaking Bad props for the prints? “The show has so many great moments, but as all our fellow fans know, certain items just stuck over time, and just a simple glimpse of any of them in the right context would instantly remind you of the show,” Asher says. “This is why we chose the famous tighty-whities, for example, which aren’t just an homage to Walter White, but Bryan Cranston’s character on Malcolm in the Middle too. Or the RV that Mr. White and Jesse used at the beginning of the series, the unforgettable Ricin cigarette, the hat and sunglasses combo, and so on.”

Available as a series of prints on the Oliver Gal website, the Breaking Bad (*cough* “Inspired”) Blueprints are a clever mash-up that is evocative of the hit show without, you know, having to pay licensing fees. AMC might not approve, but Heisenberg would.