Please Don’t Smash This Minimalist Piggy Bank

Now that we think about it, why exactly is a piggy bank only for children? We all need a place to keep our change; maybe it’s a bowl, or a mason jar, or a hole you dug in the backyard (its location marked by a creepy stick sculpture inspired by True Detective), but regardless, we each have something. Why not use something that subtly reminds us of a traditional piggy bank?

Mysterious French design firm Atelier Peekaboo, made up of two former students from ECAL, the Swiss art and design school, created a minimalist, modernist version of the piggy bank for a recent exhibition. It’s called Sur les Toits, which means “rooftops” in French and does not relate to the concept of a modern adult piggy bank in any way that I understand.

Anyway, it’s ceramic and shaped like a simple dome with a simple slot on top and a cylinder sticking out the side. Somehow, especially when colored pink, it’s reminiscent of a pig. You empty it by turning it so the cylinder faces the ground, and then shaking it until the coins fall out. Atelier Peekaboo first showed the bank at an exhibition at the id50 Gallery in Geneva last week.

No word on whether you can buy it, although I’d kind of like to buy it.

[Atelier Peekaboo via Notcot]DN