This Is The Russian Nesting Doll Of Kitchen Gadgets

The modern kitchen has no shortage of gadgets–the juicers, the squeezers, the zesters, the mashers, and so on–but what it is short on, more often than not, is space. Perhaps that’s why the matryoshka is taking over the kitchen. We’ve already got nesting bowls and nesting measuring cups, and now we have the Bin 8, a clever assortment of eight nesting kitchen tools.

From Japan–home to the tiniest kitchens on Earth–the Bin 8 is a stylish water bottle that breaks apart, Voltron-like, into an assortment of various gadgets. From top to bottom, you have a funnel for pouring liquids into containers, a lemon juicer, an egg masher (for egg salad and the like), a cheese grater, an egg yolk separator, a spice grater, a measuring cup, and even a lid grip for loosening the stuck tops of jars.

The design is both colorful and beautiful, and by nesting several kitchen accessory outliers inside one another, the Bin 8 is a real space saver: Sure, every once and a while, you just really need an egg masher, but who wants to give something so specialized a dedicated space in a cramped kitchen drawer?

You can purchase a Bin 8 for yourself from Amazon for around $30.JB